My ideas about Powerpoint slides

April 11, 2007 at 6:08 pm (Uncategorized)

I’ll be doing slides related to the orphans and orphans’ life during the WWII. I’ve chose this topic for many reasons. The first one is – when I’ve heard the Lydia’s story I was completely shocked and impressed. The second one – my father is an orphan from his early childhood. So I’m very interested in this theme. Father told me about his life without parents, but now I’m also interested in orphans’ life during the WWII.
I want to make a strong emphasis on Lydia Nazarenko’s interview. I’ll try my best to show all her attitude t her story. She didn’t get a chance to take any photos related to the orphanage’s life and the WWII. So I decided to use photos from internet, which will show orphans’ life in 40’s and 50’s and I can use Lydia’s quotes. The most important quote which I’ll be following is: “We had to eat grass and fry rats. It was the only way to stay alive.”
I could also use some quotes from articles that I picked up in British Council.


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Orphans during WWII

March 30, 2007 at 5:40 pm (Uncategorized)

  Not so long ago we’ve interviewed Lydia Nazarenko. She was an orphan since her early childhood.
She told us many unbelievable and shocking things about orphans’ life during the WWII.
When she was 6 she moved to Yman’s orphanage. When she asked where they are going, she got an answer: “We are going where it is necessary!” She said that she left alive only because she wasn’t Jewish. Jewish children were marked with yellow fabric on their shoulders and once all of them were shot. Lydia also said that Germans weren’t severe with Ukrainian children. But they always were hungry. Only partisans brought some bread every night.
Lydia said that after the WWII everything seemed to be alright. But the year 1947 brought an awful famine. “We had to eat grass and to fry rats. It was the only way to leave alive.”
When all horrors were ended Lydia got an Education degree and began to work on “Artem’s military plant” in Kiev. She was working there for about 40 years. But surprises weren’t ended. At the age of 70 she learned that her backbone is broken. “Doctors said that my backbone was broken almost all my life. But I had no feelings. Maybe I’m lucky.”

The most insulting thing is that Lydia left alone. And American church is the only place where she feels good and not alone.

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Lilya Litvyak-“The White Rose of Stalingrad”

March 7, 2007 at 9:25 am (Uncategorized)

   Lilya was born in Moscow in August 18, 1921. Lilya was her nickname, her real name was Lidiya. She got her first 2 air victories in September 13, 1943.

   On February 17, 1943, she was awarded the Order of the Red Banner. Two days later she was promoted to Junior Lieutenat and soon after yo Senior Lieutenant.

   On each side of her YaK-1’s cockpit she painted a white lily, often confused for a rose-hence the nickname. The white rose on the fuselage became famous among the Germans and when they noticed her they tried to escape.

   Litvyak was injured 3 times during her combat tour. The first time was on March, she shot down a Junkers Ju-88 bomber and was injured by Me-109s, but she continued to fly and bagged another Ju-88. She managed to land at her base. Another two times when she was injured shw landed in German-ocuppied territory, but got back to base on foot the first time, and was rescued by another fighter pilot who landed after her the second. But she was finally killed in action over Orel, it took 8 Messerschmitt Me 109’s to shot down “The White Rose of Stalingrad”.

   Litvyak had completed 168 missions, and had 3 shared victories in addition to her personal twelve. She was 22 years old when she died. 

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Douglas “Wrong Way” Corrigan

February 27, 2007 at 2:43 pm (Uncategorized)

     Douglas “Wrong Way” Corrigan was born in Galveston, Texas, on January 22, 1907. His was born in the family of constructor and teacher, so aviation did not seem to be in his future. But he became popular in aviation, owing for his unbelievable antic.

     Douglas was inspired by Lindbergh’s transatlantic flight and decided to make his own trip through Atlantic Ocean. So, he began to prepare his airplane for the flight. When everything was done he was needed in permission for the non-stop flight from New York to Ireland. But officials refused him. He was very disappointed, but decided to make a flight without any permission.

      On July 17, 1938, Corrigan left New York for California, but he “mistakenly” flew from New York to Ireland. He spent 28 hours and 13 minutes for his transatlantic flight. When officials asked him to explain his antic, he said that he got mixed up in the clouds and flown the wrong way. But they continued to press him for the truth and he finally said: “That’s my story”

      Douglas became a national hero and got his nickname “Wrong Way”. People also had a great deal of fun with the obvious humor of his situation .

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My favorite movie!

February 20, 2007 at 2:49 pm (Uncategorized)


   I like many movies with different stories.  But as I’m fond of cars my favorite movie is about cars. It is “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift”, the latest film of The Fast and The Furious trilogy and sees a man move from America to Tokyo to live with his father in a bid to avoid going to jail.

   When Shawn (Lucas Black) arrived in Japan he realized to start a new life, he began to go to the school. But unfortunately, the guy gets involved in racing,  yet again and gets mixed up with the Japanese drifters. But these races cross the law and it is too dangerous for the boy with his age, and he tries to keep all in secret.   

  The tuned up cars emulated the Need for Speed Underground games which isn’t really a bad thing because at least the story is supported by a decent plot and that’s where 2 fast got it all wrong.     The backdrop of Tokyo seemed ideal and made for some great viewing at times. By the way, all scenes were shot in Japan. 

   In the end Shawn throws a call to the racer who is connected with a local mafia and wins in a very fascinating race. Finally, Shawn became a DK (Drift King), and the former DK, Mafiosi, left a town for ever.

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New Ford Mondeo is like no others!

February 20, 2007 at 2:03 pm (Cars)


  Many fans of mark Ford sincerely were upset, that have in vain spent money, wenting at cinema for a new series of adventures of the well-known English spy as on contrary to the numerous advertising rollers, new Ford Mondeo in this film it was limited to a role of the second plan, having lead on the screen of less than ten seconds. But if the machine has played cinema in a small episode, but the pictures which have appeared on the Internet, on a March motor show in Geneva will be playing a leading role.

  Ford precisely follows the policy of kinetic design that pours out in striking difference of new model from previous. This Mondeo is absolutely unlike one of nowadays existing machines, and in it big potential advantage Ford above the others is covered. Designers new Ford can be given the premium for the best creative as they have thought up improbable quantity of absolutely new elements. Here and were evident longitudinal выштамповки on a cowl, headlights of the unusual form. The brightest detail of a forward part of the veichle is even not wide nickelized radator the lattice, and the big air inlet on a forward bumper which reminds a part of a mask of Dart Vejder through which that whether inhaled air if at all breathed, whether talked.

   As to a back part more harmonious looks универсал: it is looked by more integral machine in which deposits of sports character are shown and related communication with new S-MAX is evidently traced. And here the hatchback and a sedan can cause the remote associations with the some people not the newest models Renault.

   To enjoy appearance – destiny of pedestrians, and to the driver it is important not so much appearance, how many an interior. Again it is necessary to sing an ode to designers Mondeo. On riches and style of an interior the novelty will give odds to the majority of competitors. Plastic, under promises Ford, will be soft as a down feather-bed, and the level of a standard complete set even on some more eminent cars is represented a limit of dreams. Even the cheapest variant Mondeo will be equipped with 7 airbags, the conditioner, CD-player, system of easy access in the car and, certainly, ABS, ESP and EBD.

   As to a ruler of engines up to official prime-ministers in Geneva the trustworthy information in this occasion will not be. On informal data, future owners Mondeo will have a choice from 7-9 engines. The most modest will appear the motor in volume 1,6 л and capacity 110 h.p., the most powerful – the unit in volume of 2,3 litres and capacity 145 h.p. By tradition should appear and charged version Mondeo ST with turbo-engine in volume 2,5 л and capacity nearby 220 h.p.

   Now it is possible to approve for certain, that if the filtered information will appear authentic in class D there will be a new favorite. Certainly, claims Ford for a role of the leader in a class still should be proved, but the application is made more than serious. And James Bond for a rudder абы what machine will not sit down, even if in film it appears in absolutely small episode.

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Saint Valentine’s Day

February 20, 2007 at 12:53 pm (Uncategorized)

   Saint Valentine’s Day is a holiday which is celebrated by all lovers all over the world. So I want to congratulate all my friends, who have found their love, with this nice day, especially my parents. But there are many singles which didn’t find their halves yet. I’m one of them. I was dating with many girls, but I didn’t love them. So I wish them to find their love.

   I have no idea how I will be celebrating this day, because I’m single now. But I want to go to the disco, to dance, I am fond of dancing, and have a fun. You should ask me why I choose disco. The answer is very simple; I don’t know the better place where I can meet so many young people, especially on this day. Maybe I’ll find my love in this “crowd”.

   I don’t except that Amour will choose me and shoot his arrow in my heart. If he did so I’ll be very happy, maybe the happiest in the world.

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February 17, 2007 at 6:45 pm (Cars)

397494_3.jpg  Deutch-american autoconcern DaimlerChrysler plans to begin sales of one more mark Dodge in the market of China in 2007.

  According to representative DaimlerChrysler, Chinese division Chrysler Group Sales Ltd. Now is engaged in registration of necessary documents for sale in the market of China of cars under mark Dodge. The company plans to start in sale the first model Dodge within current year. However from the application of representatives of the company it was not clear, cars of this mark will make where exactly.

  The company also has expressed the intention to begin sales in China one more car Chrysler and three new models Jeep in this year.

  In February, 2007 DaimlerChrysler has started to export to China cars Chrysler PT Cruiser. Other model, Chrysler 300C, is made in China by joint venture Beijing Benz-DaimlerChrysler Automotive Ltd.

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February 16, 2007 at 3:15 pm (Cars)

397152_11.jpg  In 2005 the Bavarian motor-car manufacturer BMW has confirmed the intention to let out the big sports-van on the basis of off-road car X5. The car with working name RFK, will refer to F5. Now there was an information that at F5 there will be also the younger model F3 constructed on the basis of a sedan of 3-rd series.

  Both of the car will be five-door, 5-seater cars with the back or full drive, combining spacious interior with comfort and controllability of the car.

  Predictably F3 it will be equipped with 6-cylinder engines in volume of 3,0 litres and  capacity of 235 h.p. and 300-strong turbo-engine. Besides versions with diesel power units will be accessible.

  Occurrence BMW F5 is planned on the middle of 2009, and F3 year later.

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3-D Photos of Audi A-7

February 16, 2007 at 2:46 pm (Cars)


On the Internet there were informal three-dimensional computer models long-awaited Audi A7, made by designer Gabriel Rabhi. At creation of the sketches the artist was guided by espionage photos of ” the younger brother ” A7 – compartment A5, and also the general tendencies observed in design Audi. The basic message enclosed in vision Audi A7, – the grace of the wild animal underlined by a smooth relief of lateral surfaces and the form of headlights.

  In outlines of a body there are “curtseys” in address of legendary muscel-cars of 70th  are observed, and disguised door handles Rabi has taken from arsenal Alfa Romeo. While it is complex to tell, how much precisely the designer managed to guess shape A7. The four-seater compartment-sedan will appear not earlier than 2008.


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